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I watched some movies again

OK, it’s another December-January-February period in the calendars. What does that mean? It means that I have to watch very good Oscar material movies and think of taking up acting for a couple of weeks and then forget about it till God knows when. Happy times. This year, I’m on a roll to beat my record of watching 6 Oscar nominated movies from last year. I had watched Silver Linings, Amour, Django, Anna Karenina, Life of Pi, and Les Miz. Ohhh Life of Pi, how good was that.

Like said, I’m on a roll to beating last year having already watched 4 movies: American Hustle, Gravity, Dallas Buyers Club and Her. Here are my humble takes on them:

Gravity: You can just go see it for the effects of it. Visual effects. 3D. And the sound mix. Sandra Bullock is also good. Overall, it feels like the movie was made for the artistic reasons of it, meaning effects, cinematography being forefront. They sure made worth that decision. You feel desperation at points when one of the characters falls into space. And you feel notion of gravity disappear once all matter is just controlled by momentum and not by any extra force. This of course all comes to life thanks to the brilliant effects of it. George Clooney was a nice to have element, but a good choice for the overall hype of the movie whereas Sandra Bullock did a stellar job. All in all, a brilliant 21st century movie.

MVP: Timothy Webber, Chris Lawrence, David Shirk, Neil Corbould for Visual Effects

American Hustle: Good storyline. Great setting. Perfect ensemble. Mind blowing Soundtrack. But the acting is just so good, it’s again inspirational. OK, it’s not something shockingly new: it’s David O’Russell and his people: JLaw & Bradley Cooper whom he worked with last year in Silver Linings; Amy Adams & Christian Bale whom he worked with in The Fighter. I was just surprised Mark Wahlberg wasn’t in the movie. They are kind of an Illuminati themselves anyway. But this is a good one, with a lot of synergy. Coming back to the movie, the storyline was very nice but very predictable - except that the final was maybe less predictable. The thing with the movie is the acting, the surrounding, the costumes, and the music. All of the four actors were music in the ear. But to my biased view, one stood out: Jennifer Lawrence. How could one be so in character? How can you portray it that well? I’m OK if she doesn’t win an Oscar with this, because frankly Silver Linings part shouldn’t have won her an Oscar. It’s a good part, not an Oscar part. But here she is good. Really good. How could you learn to smoke like that, holding that cigarette in your left hand? The conversation with the kid? With the guys? THE LIVE AND LET DIE PLAYBACK. Serena should come already. When is it, September?

MVP: Jennifer Lawrence for Supporting Actress
MVP2: Soundtrack

Dallas Buyers Club: It’s a fucking heavy and tough movie on the eyes. It’s reality, and how real the people are hurts. Matthew McConaughey is very very good. We are talking about 38 pounds, that’s how much he lost. That’s 5 pounds less than how much Christian Bale gained for American Hustle. But losing is harder than gaining. So you calculate for yourself. Storyline is also very good, but the one shining above all else is Jared Leto. This guy is playing a character who is an HIV positive transgender, and he is playing it so well that I had to stare into the screen with my mouth open for a couple of minutes when I found out he was once engaged to Cameron Diaz. Apparently he is also very famous and he is been in every good movie since he was born. But here was where I met his talent. It was just awesome, I don’t know the other contenders but he probably is a comfortable frontrunner for the Oscar.

MVP: Jared Leto for Supporting Actor
MVP2: Matthew McConaughey for Lead Actor

Her: Who the hell has the imagination to come up with having sex with an Operating System and make it fucking romantic? Even if you had the idea, wouldn’t it be just stupid to go on with the basic idea of a human being in a relationship with an OS? Well, apparently Hollywood people have no barriers, nothing in front of them, so that stuff like Her can come up. For me, this is just a tribute to how brilliant human mind can be in creating stories. On top of this, although the movie is a bit sci-fi with lots of computer, technology and software interaction, the movie captures some very human insights from today - like loneliness, like hopelessness, like joy, like hope. Joaquin Phoenix is really good, you forget how scared of him you were since 2000 because of Gladiator, just 2 minutes into the movie. And Scarlett Johannson’s voice, how cute is that freaking voice? Of course you could be with Scarlett Johannson’s voice, because it’s Scarlett Johannson’s voice. Anyway, mind opening.

MVP: Spike Jonze for Original Screenplay

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