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I have finished my 2014 Oscars list - A MONTH LATE

Yes I watched some more movies, and I was supposed to publish this 1.5 months earlier than today so I could catch the Oscars, and make my predictions. Yeah, I could not. 12 Years A Slave didn’t work on my TV. So now here are my takes on the 3 remaining movies I was going to write about. Only 12 Years A Slave, I wrote after the Oscars. So in the other ones, you can feel my innocent lust for DiCaprio winning an Oscar. WHICH DID NOT HAPPEN.

12 Years A Slave: I really don’t feel like writing about this movie. It brings too much misery, and too much shame to humanity. The movie is very good - don’t get me wrong. It’s just very good in giving that sad emotion. Probably the best thing that I liked about the movie was the editing - since this was not the first movie I watched which was about slavery. By editing, I mean the passages of scenes from different times. I hope that’s what it’s called. Otherwise, the acting was very good. Especially the lead character and Patsey. For me Nyong’o wasn’t the clear leader of the Oscar race having seen both American Hustle and this movie. I think they were head to head, and even maybe JLaw a bit ahead on the race. Probably they didn’t want to spoil her too young. Meryl Streep winning her second Oscar at age 34, and JLaw.. what - 24? That wouldn’t make sense.
Coming back to the movie, it always strikes you when you know it’s a real story. The cast, the art direction and the music give you the feeling in ease.
You see, I still feel sad..

MVP: Joe Walker for Film Editing
MVP: Lupita Nyong’o for Supporting Actress

The Wolf of Wall Street: This movie will seem like too much sex, too many boobs, too much drugs, too many pills. Until you find about it is all fucking real. Yes, there was a Jordan Belfort, there was a crazy ass yacht named after his second wife which sank near Sardinia. How crazy can human lives be.
Yeah.. The movie shows that in its great fashion where the lead character narrates even looking into the camera. It’s a nice Scorsese move with a top notch execution from DiCaprio. Then comes the sex, and then come the drugs. Throughout the movie, you feel the rush, you feel the unease of earning the money and not enjoying that fully because i. you are not fully sober ii. the money isn’t that big of a deal anymore. Even when you are watching it! This of course comes to life thanks to the brilliant direction of the movie and exceptional acting figures - DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and the beautiful Margot Robbie. I’m just not sure if the movie ever needed Jean Dujardin and his character. Probably they wanted to add some class with some Francophones.
Anyway... Of course the shining star of the movie is the kid of the whole fucking universe: Leo. Now we know thanks to Uberfacts that he was named Leonardo, because his mom was looking at a Da Vinci portrait when the little Leo kicked for the first time. It feels like he is the child of all nations, every single person on earth wants him to finally win an Oscar. And if he doesn’t win this, then Academy should go to hell. Four scenes: 1. Boat scene 2. Motivation speeches at the office 3. Lemmon scene (ALL of it) 4. Kid scene. There are my four reasons why anyone should watch this brilliant movie, and why he should finally win an Oscar.
Scorsese is also good, you know.. You already know him.. and he does have an Oscar, so...

and DiCaprio can dance.

MVP: Leonardo DiCaprio for Lead Actor

Captain Philips: I just finished watching this movie, and I’m writing this in dark. So I’m still in full effect and a minor shock - not as much as Captain Philips was anyway. This was a very good action/thriller movie. Apart from the first ten-fifteen minutes, the action starts and it never stops until the last minute. You probably know how it ends if you followed the coverage of this while it was really happening 5 years back. It really is a horrible being unarmed and having to fight these 3-4 guys who are in the ocean, in their fishermen boat, and come aboard your ship itself. So, let me first give it all the crews who are trailing this African route and all the other ones with similar issues.
Coming back to the movie - as you see I’m still terrified - the plot, ending is a classic American action movie with patriotism. You might say “OK, they heroed their Navy again” but that wasn’t even the best part. In my opinion, the best part was when the guys were on the ship for the first time and all the crew unarmed. Very good acting from both pirates and the crew. Especially the head pirate. From beginning to end. In all the drama of the “good people”, the actor playing the head pirate, Barkhad Abdi, has managed to tell his own story in the movie. He was epic. And I probably don’t even have to mention that this was his first acting experience and he used to be a Limo driver until this movie. He had no experience and NO ASPIRATION to become an actor. I don’t know how he got there, but he should be thankful now. Not many Somalian speakers in the US, I guess - nice luck you got there, cast manager.
Tom Hanks is you know he is Tom Hanks. But that the “shock” scene... How good is that one. Very original.

MVP: Barkhad Abdi for Supporting Actor

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