6 Şubat 2011 Pazar

Being an Internet Sensation

I believe being an Internet sensation is still underrated in Turkey, probably because nobody got REALLY famous out of Youtube or Facebook or other social media sharing stuff. But it feels like the silence before the storm. Some people are going to be there whether they are really young or they are really talented.

This is the new labor force of the new generation.

People are going to make their lives there, some people are going to dive deep in these media to find the talents or the interesting stuff.

Talking about trying to find stuff on the Internet about people, don't even think about the dark side of intellectual property rights including you, yourself, your photos, your videos, your thoughts, your life. Don't even think about it, I get the chills.

To show a little bit of how paranoid I think about the future: I believe SINCERELY that because of all the Place applications on the net like "Places" on Facebook and FriendFeed is going to evolve into Marauder's Map.

Google Marauder's Map. It's going to be a thing for Muggles too.

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