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We usually don't give ourselves the positive feedback we need and clearly deserve. We constantly judge ourselves for not taking up any of the New Year resolutions we try committing to in the beginning of January. So, I made this list to give myself a virtual hi 5, bring you a fun week-end read, and maybe inspire you on doing one of these.

Here are the 9 things I didn't plan on doing when the year started, but I'm extremely happy I somehow did:

9. Taking a week off and staying in İstanbul

We should feel happy for the "not-so-difficult" or maybe "ordinary" decisions we make as well, right? This one's in that category. Taking this week off at the end of October refreshed me, cleared my mind. And the good thing is there were no plans, I was at home. There was no rush of having to wake up early and sleep late as I usually have in a regular vacation day. No plans. Just reading, sports, reunion with friends. Coolio.

8. The Concert weekend

This one is the more costly and outlier one. Going on a concert trip is a big risk. It was worth it…

And the concert was a good luck charm for the #1 action on this list as well! No….. Don't jump straight to #1, save the best for the last!

7. Taking up running

I tired running last year, but it was just too tiring, boring and hurtful. I was just doing it to be part of the trend. And as you will rightly guess, I never ran more than 1 time in the same week or sometimes in the same month. After "the" spiritual training at work (which we all have, right?) awakened me, I said OK… Let's try again… And then it happened, so far 40 km/month is good, right? It was 3 km in a month for God's sake (I have to indicate the running rate from last year. Because it's my DNA now.)

6. This is business related, so I won't bore you with it.

5. The 4 month dough break

After eating too much McDonalds, and too much bad stuff one day I said: no, not any more. I stopped eating bread. My actual intention was to stop gluten. I had extremely clear and logical reasons behind it: Djokovic did it and became the world's #1 player. (I secretly want to become the #1 Duracell ABM in the world by a gluten diet.) Then I had to eat gluten at breakfast (müsli), so I said no dough. I had no bread, pasta (can you believe it), pizza, börek (can you believe it), cake for a long time. And it felt good. I lost only 1 kg, because I ate some other bad shit (french fries, kilos of dried nuts etc.) Now, another round of dough diet began, 1 month and going…

I had to be creative on weekend breakfasts, because they had formerly relied heavily on Simit:

4. The "CHILL" Reunion

Bringing one of the best times of my life, Australia, to the the land where I love the most in the world, North Aegean, to have the best food and meet the best people. And all we did was chill. And eat.

3. Greece

Let's cross from one side of the North Aegean to the other. Here, I will just paste the link of the earlier entry: 

After writing this, I went to Greece again. Same places in fall. They were still beautiful and they all continued to taste awesome.

2. Getting a bicycle

Surprising, right? This battled for the top spot in the list, and finally I decided that it's definitely in the top 2! Getting a bike was BEYOND EXPECTATIONS. As Kadıköy, Maltepe leave a biking lane in the main roads, it gets more and more convenient. And it helped me get in shape a little as well! Also relieve some stress at times...

1. Cannes Lions

Yes… Number one…

Number one is of course around my business passion: creative brand solutions. Last year when we participated and found out that we were in top 3 but not the winner, Esra immediately had told me we had to get ready for next year. We realized right away what we did wrong. We had more than one benefit. Rookie mistake! We laid out strategies, did our thinking… We were ready to win this year. We were in the mindset since the beginning of the year.

And it was the competition week… We received the brief. It took us some time to find the best business idea, but more time to find the campaign idea. At the end, when we were going to present, we were all ready. There was just one problem: I had to fly to Germany on Saturday (see #9), so we had to be the first ones to present. They helped us with the rescheduling. We were the first presenters, and I was already on the flight to Germany before we even knew how it went.

Couple of days later, we found out about the result… we were going to Cannes - Cannes Lions!

And when it was time to go to Cannes in June… everybody was extremely supportive both at work and outside. In Cannes, we didn't have the best luck with the project/assignment because it was partially skewed to the food sector and we had to prepare a project  for the company we were working for. But the thrill of representing the country, and presenting to an international jury; these were all awesome.

Next to that, we had to chance to experience a lot of wonderful stuff including:

HERE IS TO 2015!

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